Blind & Buried vias PCB

Blind & Buried vias PCB

Blind & Buried vias PCB

Blind & Buried Vias PCB,PCB vias can be classified into through-hole via, blind via and buried via.When you want to put enough PTH vias on a circuit board but the space is limited, blind & buried vias PCB might be a solution.

Blind buried vias are used to connect between layers of PCB under restrictions of surface.

Blind via is a plated hole that connects only one outer layer to one or more inner layers. Buried via is a plated hole that connects two or more inner layers, but with no connection with the outer layer.


Benefit of blind & buried via

  • Could meet the density constraints of wires and pads on a design without increasing the layer count or board size
  • Reduce PCB circuit aspect ratio


Blind/buried vias PCB,also called HDI PCB meet the density improvement of boards without increase number of layers or board size. Therefore, blind/buried vias are usually applied in HDI PCBs. It frequently used in mobile phones, wireless commination, MID, Notebook etc.

HDI PCB Boards

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