Consumer PCB Assembly

Consumer PCB Assembly

Consumer PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Consumer electronic products have different connotations in different developing countries and have different connotations in different development stages of the same country.Consumer electronics in our country refers to the audio and video products that are used for personal and family radio and television.Mainly include: television, DVD player (VCD, SVCD, DVD), VCR, video recorder, radio, radio recorder, combination stereo, record player, CD player, etc.In some developed countries, phones, personal computers, home office equipment, home appliances, car electronics and so on are also in consumer electronics.

With the development of technology and the emergence of new products, digital cameras, mobile phones, pdas and other products are also emerging as consumer electronic products.Since the late 1990 s, is a blend of computer, information and communication of information home appliances, consumer electronics, three areas began to widely into family life, it has the audio-visual, information processing, two-way communications, and other functions, is supported by embedded processor and related hardware, such as display adapters, storage media, the IC card or credit card reading equipment), embedded operating system and application layer software package.Broadly speaking, information home appliances include all can interactive information through the network system of home appliance products, such as PC, set-top boxes, HPC, DVD, super VCD, wireless data communication devices, video game equipment, such as WEBTV.

At present, audio, video and communication equipment are the main components of information appliances.In the long run, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens will be developed into information home appliances, and constitute a part of the intelligent home appliances, from intelligent home appliances to the future kitchen bathroom, from autopilot to bionic robot, the frontier science and technology of black products the most anticipated consumer technology products, all is our necessities of life in the future.In recent years, there have been a lot of intelligent consumer products that have changed our lives in all aspects of food and clothing.

Consumer PCB Assembly

KingSong is professionally in manufacturing Consumer PCB Assembly,we don’t sell Finished Consumer products,but we strongly support for Consumer industry,including production and sales of PCB, PCBA complete product processing, sales, and so on.We can provide you varies of printed circuit board to suit for all your Consumer electronic applications.

Our PCB Manufacturing Advantages:
1.Professional PCB fabrication team -all engineers have years’ experience in PCB manufacturing field.
2.Advanced equipment and high precision inspection & testing tools.
3.Top raw materials including CCL (Copper Clad Lamination), chemistry, and solder mask ink & legend ink.
4.Skilled operators with good command of all CCPs (Critical Control Points).
5.Full set of surface finish equipment can do ENIG, immersion silver,OSP, HASL (lead free), plating gold etc.
6.Most advanced printed circuit board manufacturing processes capacities.

Our PCB Assembly Advantages:
1.high-speed pick and place SMT lines
2.Reflow Oven
3.Wave Soldering Machine
4.Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machines
5.PCBA Depaneling Machine
6.Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine
7.X-ray Machine
8.BGA removal and replacement station
9.SMT IR rework station
10.Thru-hole rework station
11.SMT Machine Engineers
12.Programming & IC Burning Engineers
14.BOM List Engineers for quick quote

If you are looking for a quality of Consumer PCB Assembly Manufacturer and Supplier,KingSong would be your best choice,welcome to send your design file to us to request for quotation at

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