Communicate PCB Assembly

Communicate PCB Assembly

Communicate PCB Assembly

Communication equipment, or ICD, is called Industrial Communication Device.Wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment for industrial control environment.

The cable communication equipment mainly includes the serial communication of the industrial field, the professional linear communication, the communication between industrial Ethernet and the conversion equipment between various communication protocols.Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless AP, wireless bridge, wireless network card, wireless lightning arrester, antenna and other equipment.

The biggest advantage of the cable communication equipment is the strong anti-interference, high stability, certain confidentiality, fast transmission rate and unlimited broadband.However, the cable communication is greatly affected by the environment, with weak expansibility, attenuation, great difficulty in construction, poor mobility and high cost.

Cable communication equipment, commonly used in cable communication equipment: computer, TV, telephone, PCM, optical terminal, etc.

The wireless communications equipment biggest advantage is the environment, do not need to be limited by line, has a certain mobility, can in the condition of mobile communicate via wireless connection, construction difficulty is low, the cost is low;However, wireless communication equipment has weak anti-interference, slow transmission rate, limited bandwidth, and limited transmission distance.More stable and convenient, so wireless communication equipment will be the development trend.

Wireless communication equipment mainly includes satellite, radio station, wireless TV (bus or subway), wireless LAN, mobile phone (mobile phone), mobile phone GPRS, etc.

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Vehicle-mounted equipment is used for vehicle positioning service.It can provide vehicle users with positioning, navigation, security, robbery, information release, Internet, games and multimedia services.It is widely applicable to public security, medical treatment, car rental, taxi dispatching, long-distance passenger transport and private demand vehicle safety monitoring.

Communication equipment composition:
It is composed of GPS module, GSM module, control module and peripheral equipment.GPS module receives the communication navigation satellite positioning information, parsed by the control module operation, sent to the GSM module, GSM module GPRS function after operation analytical data, further operation parsed GPS service platform, become people can read information, people to this information, the vehicle scheduling, management and control.All data communication links are bi-directional.

The main function:
1. Positioning function
2. Self-navigation function.
3. Robbery alarm function.
4. Tracking function
5. Send status function.
6. Text-to-speech function.
7. Remote quenching function.
9. Speed alarm function.
10. Track record function.

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The intergenerational evolution of the communication industry is essentially the result of the resultant force of demand, technology and policy.In the age of 5G,VR/AR business is expected to become a new business, driving the development of the whole 5G industry chain.Look from the evolution of technology, 5 g network chip architecture and huge machine connection and reliable in ultra low latency network features will also put the human society into the Internet era, all things can be make vertical application scenario for the digital infrastructure in all walks of life.All the major countries in the world regard 5G as an opportunity to drive traditional industries to new economic transformation, and the importance of 5G is unprecedented.5 g will drive all walks of life on the basis of the digital business transformation, in the Internet industry, medical, smart grid, car networking iot scenarios, wisdom, logistics and other large particles are expected to take the lead in a breakthrough.

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